Our History

Harland Law Firm LLP is one of the oldest law firms in Humboldt County, first established in 1946 by attorney Collis P. Mahan, who opened the doors of Harland Law Firm’s Fortuna offices, which remain open to our clients to this day.

Collis was known locally as “Flash Mahan” for his speed as a runner while at Humboldt State (now Cal Poly Humboldt) and is reputed to have held several Humboldt State track records for several years.

In 1952, Collis hired Harland Law Firm’s namesake, Gerald Harland, a WWII Marine fighter pilot in the Pacific theater who graduated from Stanford Law School.

During the historic 1964 flood, Gerald launched his boat into the flood waters to rescue people trapped on roof tops in the Eel River bottoms.

Collis died in 1999 and Jerry died in 2012.  Both are honored founders of Harland Law Firm LLP.

Today, Harland Law Firm LLP’s partners are Richard Smith, Allison Jackson, John S. Lopez, Amy Stover and Heather Burke. Along with associate attorney Tamara Falor, Harland Law Firm LLP’s attorneys have a combined almost 200 years of experience as attorneys.

Gerald Harland Saving Child in 1964 Flood